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What to Know About When Verifying a Company in China.

Verify a company in China with our Chinese Company Verification Report. Before placing an order or sending money to a Chinese Business conduct a background check to confirm if the company exists, if details they provide are accurate or if they are considered high risk.

  • Does the company actually exist?

  • What are their registered details?

  • Who are they and the people behind the company?

  • What intellectual property do they hold?

  • Were they involved in many legal cases?

  • Are they blacklisted?

China Company Verification


Get The Facts

China is the world’s biggest factory, it has a well-established supply chain and is known for its competitively priced products. However, in any business environment, fraudsters, scammers, and dishonest businessmen exist. They use fake names, both for contact persons and companies, fake websites, and fake company information to seem trustworthy.  This can make them invulnerable when they are investigated or sued.

Scams in China

Some caveats when working with a Chinese company:


English is not the official language of China.  Names such as Lucy, Peter, Jack, etc., are typically made-up names that are not on any government records. Companies with English names are not officially recognized in China and must have a Chinese company name.


A Chinese company may use a shell company. The shell company may not have any assets and is prepared to go bankrupt. Though you may win a case, you cannot get your money back.


Chinese companies may use the website not registered in China.  Though you find a professionally prepared website, the website must be registered with the authorities to establish the derived responsibilities of operating the site.


A Chinese company may have an abundant history of lawsuits.  If the company has been involved with many litigation cases and offenses, especially as a defendant, it should raise a red flag as to the trustworthiness of the company.


What Makes Our Company Verification Reports Useful, Reliable, and Affordable?

  • Our research is conducted confidentially without alerting the subject company. 

  • We use reliable Government databases.

  • We don't rely on third-party commercial sources.

  • Our reports contain information that is useful and realistic for evaluations.

  • Our reports are researched and prepared by highly trained staff.

  • Our reports are unbiased and do not contain our opinion.

  • All our reports are reviewed by a qualified attorney before issuing.


Are You Ready To Get Your Report?

Company Verification Report:  $99.00

Report Turnaround time:  24 to 48 hours

Easy 4 Steps

Mainland China company verification

Included in this Report:


General Information

    Registered Company Name in Chinese

    Company Name in English (if any)

    Company Type

    Date of Establishment

    Duration of Business License

    Unified Social Credit Number

    Registered Address

    Legal Representative

    Registration Bureau

    Business Scope

Import/Export Status

Company Directors

Company Shareholders

Company Supervisor(s) or Supervisory Committee Members

Alterations in Registered Details


Registered Websites

Registered Trademarks

Registered Patents


Legal Cases

Administrative Cases

Other Issues

*Report format is subject to change without prior notice.



Finding the right Chinese supplier to partner with is a difficult task. Although China tops investment destinations for investors looking to build their businesses. Many companies have been dealt a big blow by Chinese supplier scams who front shell companies or fake documents to scam people of their intellectual properties and money.


Verifying a Chinese company is necessary to ensure all avenues are covered to achieve a smart partnership in order to avoid getting duped. The use of qualified government resources to verify details plays a big role in order to avoid China supplier scam. Positive or negative track records or multiple lawsuits concerning a particular Chinese supplier is an indicator whether they are fraudsters or legit.


When you check a Chinese company's authenticity, information such as business license number or Unified Social Credit Code (USCC), company phone number, bank reference letter, previous partners and testimonials about the company could save you a great deal from getting trapped into a Chinese supplier scam.


Following the money is an investigation standard, but why get scammed when you can trust the highly skilled, inquisitive and observant lawyers from Maxguard to do all that is required to check a Chinese company and ensure it is legally registered and is in good standing before you partner with them.

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