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The Advantages of a Bilingual Chinese-English Contract:

Written in both Chinese and English

Terms and conditions are clear to both parties.

Enforceable in Chinese Courts

The use of legal terms that are governed by Chinese law allows protection in Chinese Courts.

Demonstrate You Are Serious

Having a bilingual contract will show you are prepared and serious if something goes wrong.

Signing a Contract


100% Working Contract Templates

Maxguard, in collaboration with its associate attorneys, have designed a range of contract templates which have been real world tested through actual arbitration and litigation cases.  Some of our commonn contract templates include:

A contract made between the discloser and recipient of information to protect the information, ideas, inventions, processes, and other IP-related information when working with a company in China.

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An agreement used primary for intermediaries in trade operations, such as agents, brokers and other forms of middlemen.  Protects from the circumvention and dissemination of information.

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  • Mediation
    Mediation is when a neutral third party (mediator) is retained to help the disputing parties come to a consensus. Rather than imposing a solution, a professional mediator works with the conflicting sides to explore solutions. Working with both parties together and sometimes separately, mediators can help them negotiate a resolution that is agreeable, sustainable and voluntary. Unlike arbitration and litigation, meditation on its own as a form of dispute resolution is not enforceable by the judicial system. In China, the disputing parties generally do not engage in mediation as the first form of dispute resolution but rather as a secondary option during an arbitration or litigation where the arbitrator or judge asks if the disputing parties can come to a settlement. During this process the arbitrator or judge will act as the mediator and in doing so, a consent judgement order or arbitral award will be applied based on the settlement agreement, thus making the mediated agreement legally binding.
  • Arbitration
    Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution in which disputes are resolved outside of the judicial court system. A neutral third party(s) is commissioned to serve as a judge (arbitrator) who is responsible for resolving the dispute and renders the arbitration or arbitral award. An arbitral award is legally binding on both sides and enforceable. The disputing parties can negotiate virtually any aspect of the arbitration process subject to flexible arbitration rules then in force. Arbitrators hand down decisions that are usually confidential and cannot be appealed. The consent to enter into arbitration is typically pre-agreed by the contracting parties and incorporated within the terms of their agreement by stating arbitration will be the form of dispute resolution and which arbitration court will be used. The Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, also known as the New York Arbitration Convention or New York Convention, has about 165 member states, China included. Arbitral Awards rendered in any member state can be enforced in any other member state. However, restraint orders on assets to serve an arbitral award to be enforced by another member state may lead to difficulties in obtaining actual compensation.
  • Litigation
    Litigation is the most familiar type of dispute resolution. Litigation cases will be heard and trialed by a judicial court, usually involving two parties, a plaintiff(s) and a defendant(s). Litigation proceedings are more conservative when compared to arbitration proceedings with more stringent standards. According to the civil procedure laws of China, documentation materials and evidence produced outside of China need to be notarized and verified before submitting them to the courts and any texts in a language other than Chinese need to be translated into Chinese. A judgment rendered by the “first” hearing court is not necessarily final, as the “losing” party may appeal the judgment and a higher court is required to hear the case. When serving a judgement outside of China regarding foreign-related cases, decisions made by a court in another country can involve a lot of time and effort in obtaining a final judgment of enforceability in China. Seeking remedies through litigation may be the only option if the parties disputing parties have not had a prior agreement as to the form of dispute resolution (i.e. arbitration).
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Let us Help You Make The Right Decision.

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Scale up with Bilingual Contracts

China, the universe's industrial hub is blessed with amazing human power and superb intellectual know-how. Competitive pricing, and bespoke finishing are some of the reasons that drive investors and manufacturers to China. However, the blemish history of a possible breach of Chinese business agreement gets investors or buyers worried before joining forces with Chinese partners.


Maxguard’s Bilingual Chinese contracts are enforceable business agreements prepared in both Chinese and English. It resolves the disparity in the perception of the significance of contracts by Chinese, clearly indicating rights and responsibilities. Our contracts cover a wide range of issues relating to IP protection, proprietary information, sales and purchase of goods, employment, agency representation and more.


In conjunction with a certified and resourceful team of English and native-speaking Chinese lawyers, Maxguard is skilled in formulating legally accepted bilingual contracts. We are able to draw upon pre-drafted contracts to save time and money or prepare personalized contracts which are enforceable in China which emphasises details investors or buyers might overlook under the China law context.


Ultimately, our succinct yet operative bilingual contracts builds a link of trust between you and your Chinese partners protecting your interest and rights. The bilingual contracts also communicate mutually agreed processes of resolving disputes and unforeseen circumstances.

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