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About Maxguard

Maxguard is a consulting firm in Shenzhen, China.  We are operated by lawyers and executive staff highly experienced in China's business landscape.  We provide legal-based services for expat and international clients.


Who is Maxguard?

We are a legal-based consulting firm.  Through our in-house and participating lawyers vetted for their expertise, Maxguard is capable and practical in its approach to problem solving in the context of China.  Our greatest strengths are the high standards of English-speaking lawyers retained, the amalgamation of China law and international trade in our approach, and a deep understanding of western perspectives. Our core focus is to provide a platform for SME's to be legally secure while doing business with companies in China.

What makes Maxguard better than a law firm?

Maxguard acts as the point-man for international clients to access China’s legal system and its resources.  Instead of retaining lawyers in your country and then having them find and work with a China lawyer, Maxguard can provide direct access to lawyers in China.  This reduces costs and increases efficiency while creating a more intimate relationship between the client and the lawyer who is actually handling the case.  Our in-house and participating lawyers have strong English communication skills and selected based on their experience and expertise in handling cases for international clients.  In addition, all our staff is bilingual and well-versed in western business culture, as most have studied, worked, lived and are from abroad.  We understand the cultural nuances between China and western countries.

A core vision of Maxguard is to provide affordable service.  Most law firms will charge an expensive fee for services not requiring a lawyer's signature.  Many of our services not requiring an attorney are charged at competitive agency rates.  However, all are services are always reviewed by our in-house lawyer to ensure accuracy and consistency with China's legal requirements.  In addition, due to our ability to co-supervise, pre-review, and assist a lawyer's workload, we are able to enhance billable hours for the lawyer while reducing total cost for our clients.  As a result, we are reciprocated with the most competitive and affordable pricing for our clients without sacrificing the quality of service.

Why are we doing this?

There were numerous stories on social and mainstream media on how overseas buyers were getting ripped off by unscrupulous sellers in China.  Given the transactions were cross-border, small businesses have little financial means or legal recourse to pursue their supplier and were unable to personally confront these scammers with a baseball bat.  We don’t encourage the latter.  So, in most cases, they were relegated to sending emails to their Chinese counterparts demanding compensation with empty threats.  In addition, with the added stresses of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, international travel has been minimised and person-to-person meetings are limited.  Visiting factories in China from overseas is a challenge, if not impossible during the pandemic, and to establish a personable rapport with suppliers are disadvantaged.  As such, your ability to make subjective judgements about your Chinese partner is greatly diminished and the need for added objective content, such as verification and sound contracts become even more important.

Where are we located?

Maxguard is a registered company located in Shenzhen, China.  Unlike some service providers, all our attorneys and staff are all in China.  In addition to retaining lawyers, we also provide much of the leg work for our lawyers in support of our clients.

China is a vast country which has developed incredibly fast over the last couple of decades.  Manufacturing and supply chains are world-class.  Talent pools in technology have been growing rapidly and business ethics continues to evolve to higher standards.  China has a lot to offer the world, but therein still lies some hidden “bad apples”.  To be metaphoric, we are in the “belly of the beast”.  It keeps us sharp and attuned to the official and unofficial happenings in China.

Can Maxguard provide services in other cities and regions other than just Shenzhen?

China is a centralized country and applies laws that are nation-wide, differing from the United States or other federalized countries.  Our attorneys have processed legal matter involving cases in more than 40 cities around China, including Dongguan, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Yiwu, Shenyang, and more.


Contact Maxguard to help You Make The Right Decisions 

Please contact us with a description of your needs.  We will reply within 24-hours.

Legal Services for Foreign Clients and Businesses

The need for legal Services in China has never been greater. As a foreigner opening a business in China, expanding a business in China or conducting business in China, you will need expert knowledge and experience of the local law. Maxguard assembles legal experts to help our clients navigate China's unique legal structure.

We have guided foreign clients through China's legal landscape for contract drafting, disputes with Chinese companies and problem solving. In addition, International businesses can be uniquely affected when an overseas legal ruling is not upheld or recognized by Chinese courts. As such, our team of legal experts can assist our clients avoid these pitfalls as well as help entities perform due diligence reporting before embarking on business ventures in China.

Signing Contract

Our Vision

Maxguard's Mission is to establish a platform for small and medium-sized international businesses to create a secure relationship with their Chinese associate by:

  • Offering access to the Chinese legal system with our team of advisors and licensed attorneys in China.


  • Providing affordable and more specifically tailored services for small and medium e-commerce sellers, start-ups, "mom and pop" operations, and financially prudent businesses. 


  • Creating a foundation whereby jurisdictional rulings are established in China so they could be easily enforced. 


  • Establishing legal documents, such as contracts and agreements, in Chinese and English allowing clients and their counterparts in China to share a firm understanding of these documents without ambiguity,  

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