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How Can It Be Used To Help You Get Restitution Or Prevent a Chinese Company From Ignoring You When Things Go Wrong.

A Demand Letter, under China legal context, is a letter signed and issued by a licensed Chinese attorney who represents one party against the other contractual or non-contractual party. It is commonly used in many phases of an international trade dispute that might arise from delayed or non-delivery, specification deviation, and damages caused as a result of the product. In addition, Demand Letters can be used to file a claim as a result of disclosure of information, design, mold or distribution of products that is protected by binding legal instruments such NDA’s or NNN’s. By delivering the other party a demand letter, it sends a clear signal of your seriousness and preparedness on the matter in the dispute, so as to make the supplier give up the idea of “I am too far and too costly to reach”.  More importantly, it establishes the fact that you have exhausted any possible remedies to resolve this matter before it enters into litigation or arbitration and gives the court good cause to favor all legal costs incurred thereinafter.

With the support of our legal and sourcing experts in international trade in China, we have developed an algorithm to effectively enable our staff to input all necessary information of the dispute and output a nearly-done demand letter in both Chinese and English, which reduces the billable hour of a licensed attorney and lowers the cost for the client. After our staff has checked and confirmed all information is complete and accurate, we will send the letter to our clients for approval as well as to our attorneys for review and signature. The demand letter will be directly issued by a licensed attorney and served to the designated party.


Let Us Guide You Into The Right Direction.

A standard Demand Letter through Maxguard is US$199.00.  In situations where a claim is complex or requires additional review and preparation by an attorney, Maxguard will provide a quotation based on the case review.

Please fill out the form below and provide a brief summary of your case.  We will contact you by email with our feedback within 24 to 48 hours whether a Demand Letter is suitable for your situation.

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