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Our Team of Licensed Lawyers Are Always Ready To Help.

Maxguard retains a team of licensed Chinese lawyers to assist our clients to resolve issues and meet challenges. Our profound relationship with Chinese law firms and legal advisors affords us competitive and preferential fees for our clients. Whether you are based in China or overseas, Maxguard can provide you with legal counsel on a variety of matters relating to China, including but not limited to:

  • Tailored Contracts​​:  ​Construct legally sound Chinese-English contracts that accurately capture your company's vision, as well as shared responsibilities and liabilities with Chinese partners.

  • Contract Review:  Allow our experienced team of Chinese attorneys with vast knowledge navigating Chinese Legal Services to critically examine, review and revise your business dealings within the Chinese legal system.

  • Legal Opinion: Providing insightful legal opinions and expertise to help your business grow. Our selected China attorneys from the best law firms take pride in assisting foreign entities and expats.

  • Regulatory Compliance:  Access vital and ever changing Chinese regulatory information to keep your business ahead of the curve. We offer premium legal counsel from certified China lawyers to avoid legal issues and ensure you can operate fully without restrictions in China.

  • Corporate Governance:  Plug into a system of tested and trusted Chinese legal experts that provide a seamless structure for top performance companies in China.  Ensure your business is optimized from a legal perspective to avoid risk when it comes to employment, organizational arrangement and binding contracts with other parties.

  • Employment:  Through Maxguard, establish proper hiring practices, implement sound employment contracts and formulate employee guidelines that adhere to acceptable and common industry practises within the parameters of China law. Our knowledge base serves as a resource to be advised by intelligent, self-motivated and resourceful Chinese lawyers to scale-up and achieve your human resource goals.

  • Intellectual Property:  Protect your intellectual property from theft with the highly-sought-after expertise of our Chinese IP Attorneys.

  • Company Verification and Due Diligence:  Make use of our experience providing trusted legal services in China to check, identify, verify and examine a Chinese company.

  • Dispute Resolution:  We provide top-quality China legal services to provide no-nonsense review and advice when planning for mediation, arbitration and litigation in China while you focus on your business.

  • Negotiation Support in the Context of Chinese Law and International Trade Agreements:  Form powerful and productive partnerships with the vital few in your industry. Don't be caught unaware on China's International Trade Agreements.

  • Crisis Management:  Discover legal ways to manage and overcome a crisis as an uplifting step to achieve your business goals.


Contact Maxguard Advisory

For legal matters requiring a Chinese attorney, please contact us with a description of your needs.  We will reply within 24-hours to provide you with a brief assessment free of charge.

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