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Order your Company Verification Report

Company Verification Report:  $99.00

Report Turnaround time:  24 to 48 hours

Important Note:

Based on the information provided, we will first check if the company exists.  If for some reason we are unable to verify the company, we will refrain from issuing a report and notify you immediately.  Unless there is additional information you can provide about the company which can help us identify the company, we do not recommend further pursuing a Company Verification report and suggest considering utilizing our Company Verification and Due Diligence Services under our General Counsel Services.  The cost of this Company Verification report which you have paid can be applied to our other services, in full, or we can provide a refund of 75% of the cost of the report.

Your Name or Name of your organization: (optional)

Your Country (optional)

Email to receive the report: (required)

Name of the Mainland Chinese Company (Subject Company): (required) Enter the name of the Subject Company. You can provide their name in English, Chinese or both.

Company Website: (optional) Enter the Subject company’s official website or that of a website that they are listed (e.g. Alibaba, Made-in-China)

Additional Information: (optional) Provide additional information that may help us better identify the Subject Company such as a postal address, email address, contact person’s name, telephone number, business license number, etc.

Upload files: (optional) Types of files to upload can include name cards, certifications, reports, licenses, invoices, quotations, and brochures.

Upload File

Document Files (Word Docs, Excel, PDF, etc.)

Upload File

Document Files (Word Docs, Excel, PDF, etc.)

Upload Image

Image Files (jpg, png, etc.)

Thank you for submitting the Company Verification Form.

If you have submitted files to be upload, you may experience a momentary delay after clicking on the “Go to Checkout” button.  Once the files have been successfully uploaded you will be navigated to our checkout screen.

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