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Tan, Ping

Ms. Tan Ping was a judge for the Shenzhen District Court for over 10 years. She is currently an attorney specializing in contract law and has been appointed as general counsel for several non-profit organizations.  She also serves as a mediator in Nanshan District Court and an arbitrator on the Shenzhen Labor Arbitration Commission. As a judge, Ms. Tan had presided over 5,000 hearings and trials in relation to restraint orders, injunctions, enforcement proceedings as well as commercial disputes including, but not limited to, contract law, company law, and trade law. Due to Ms. Tan’s in-depth knowledge in court proceedings and extensive experience in commercial disputes, she is able to identify potential risks prior to bringing a case to trial in addition to formulating an effective strategy from start to finish.

Tan Ping.jpg


  • Contract Law

  • Company Law

  • Labor Law


  • Former Judge

  • Extensive experience in court proceedings


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