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Rick YS Jen

Rick is an American business professional based in Shenzhen, China.  He has over 20 years of experience in international trade and supply chain management.  Fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, Rick is adept at working in a multicultural business environment. His business experience expands over several areas in Asia including Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and, of course, China.   Rick owns and operates a sourcing company in China and has successfully managed a trading company in Hong Kong.  He is knowledgeable in a variety of commodities including mobile device accessories, gifts, and premiums, electronics, apparel, and printer consumables.  Rick has helped clients develop branded and licensed products for sale with large retailers such as Walmart and Target.  Prior to doing international trade, Rick worked as a business consultant for PKF (Pannell Kerr Forester) in New York and Hong Kong specializing in real estate development and hospitality management.  His consulting skills bring additional value to Maxguard in trade advisory and the function of law in actual business settings.

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  • Owns and operates a sourcing company in China

  • Managed a trading company in Hong Kong

  • Background in business consulting


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