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Cyberspace Administration fines Didi Global $1.2 Billions

As of today, Didi along with its CEO Liuqing and president Chengwei were fined for violating laws on cybersecurity, data security, and personal data protection.

Didi's violation mainly include the followings:

  1. illegal collecting screenshot information in users' album; and

  2. overly collecting clipboard texts and app lists; and

  3. overly collecting face recognition, age, job data, family relationship data, and home-to-work address data; and

  4. overly collecting GPS data; and

  5. overly collecting divers' education background data; and

  6. processing data analysis as to passenger's travel data without consent; and

  7. frequently call permission when not required; and

  8. failure to clarify the purpose for processing data analysis of another 19 kinds of personal data.

In addition to the above, Didi was also found uncooperative during the investigation.

Didi accepted the decision according to its statement on weibo.

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