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Protect Your Ideas And Designs In China.

Protect your ideas, designs, and creations from potential copies.  Prevent your supplier and others from selling your product domestically in China or export to other countries.  Copyright and Patent registration is a highly recommended measure to protect your brands in addition to sound supplier contracts and NNN agreements.   The manufacturing and offering for sales of unauthorized design can be a criminal offence under the laws of China.


How You Can Protect Them


Copyright is a form of intellectual property intended to protect the original expression of an idea in the form of creative works, but not the idea itself.  The term "works" may include expression in the following forms:

  1. written works

  2. oral works

  3. musical, drama, and choreographic works

  4. photographic works

  5. cinematographic works such as film production

  6. works of fine art and architecture

  7. drawings in the form of engineering designs, product designs

  8. Computer software

Copyright Services

  • Recordal of copyright

  • Copyright licensing

  • Copyright assignment

  • Copyright pledge

  • Other copyright-related services


A patent is a form of intellectual property that provides the patent holder the legal right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an original creation for a limited period of years in exchange for revealing to the public for enabling the creation. There are three primary types of patents in China: utility, design, and invention.  The duration of utility and design patents in China is 15 years and the duration for invention patents is 20 years.

Utility Patent - any new technical solution relating to the shape, the structure, or their combination, of a product, which is fit for practical use.

Design Patent - any new design of the shape, the pattern or their combination, or the combination of the color with shape or pattern, of a product, which creates an aesthetic feeling and is fit for industrial application.

Invention Patent - any new technical solution relating to a product, a process or improvement thereof.

Patent services

  • Patent application

  • Patent search and analysis

  • Patent licensing contract and assignment

  • Patent right protection

  • Patent opposition, review, and administrative litigation

  • Patent infringement litigation, administrative investigation, and other related legal services

Learn about China Customs IP Registration


Scared of Intellectual Theft? Protect Your Work Now!

China has the highest rate of IP theft in the developing world.  Although with an improving track record the opportunity for IP theft is still very real in China, and is home to an unrepentant number of imitators who copy intellectual properties and sell them online or trade them as theirs. Hence the need for swift Trademark and Patent filing in China using Chinese IP registration services to protect your work from being stolen.


IP filing in China is accredited using the first-to-file principle with submission done both in written or electronic form. However, legal patent filing in China is acceptable only in Chinese language.  Foreign business owners seeking Chinese IP registration services would require legal Chinese IP help from verified and registered patent agencies who would serve as their agents.


Utility Patent, Design Patent, and Invention Patent are the three types of patents you may require legal Chinese IP help for. Also, a signed copy of the power of attorney and priority documents are important documents that must be provided 3 months after patent filing in China.


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